Landscape Consultation

If you need advice on the design, installation, maintenance, or other aspects of your landscape please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Standard landscape Consultation

If you need help understanding your landscape, or if you want to boost your garden to the next level, a consultation can give you the information and advice you need to maximize the use, enjoyment, and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Do you need an expert to tell you how your landscape or garden is doing?

Do you have ideas for your landscape that you want to discuss with a professional designer and contractor before proceeding?

Does your landscape need an intervention??

A consultation will help you confront any serious hardscape or softscape issues; whether your problems stem from design, construction, or maintenance flaws, trust me, I have seen them all, and I know how to fix them!

…And if I can’t then I can give you professional recommendations.

Whatever condition your landscape is in a consultation will tell you which elements are worth keeping and which ones are not, and recommendations for future care. This is especially useful information for new properties, rentals, and for those who are not avid gardeners.

consultation includes

  • In-person walkthrough

  • Written report with my recommendations, diagrams, and notes.

  • We'll mainly be looking at any existing problems that need to be addressed as well as identifying the positives attributes that can be enhanced.

  • We'll talk about what your wants and needs are for the space in the future and figure out a good order of operations to get everything accomplished.


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“ Hi Noah,

Thank you so much for the consultation report. It really gave me a good place to start. We have now been able to discuss our plans in depth and make progress… ”


“ Thank you, Noah. We’ve gone over the documents and were very pleased with the combination of notes and recommendations. ”

-L.L. & R.C.

“ Hi Noah-

Thanks again for the excellent report. ”


“ Thanks for the time you gave us... Your ideas and knowledge were much appreciated! ”

-B.C & J.C

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