12 (CEU) Continuing Education Credits for Oregon Landscape Contractors: LANDSCAPE DESIGN

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12 CEU Credits for Landscape Contractors in Oregon, Certified by the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (OLCB).

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce students to the principles and strategies of regional landscape design in the Pacific Northwest region (Cascadian Ecoregion).

We will complete assignments from a PDF Workbook that I will send to your email. You will complete readings and assignments and send back for evaluation. This workbook will also become a personalized resource for the student’s own interpretations of PNW landscape design using art and analysis.

We will cover all aspects of regionalist landscape design, including plants, materials, spatial arrangements, history, and symbols of the PNW, and learn how these combine to form authentic and meaningful places. The purpose of this workshop is for each student to gain the ability to understand and apply appropriate Cascadian landscape design to their own environments and projects.

The content for this workshop is based on the author’s Master’s in Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree thesis work from the University of Oregon (2015).

Noah Guadagni is a licensed landscape construction professional in Oregon (LCP# 15722), and the owner of Perennial Patterns LLC, a licensed landscape contracting business (LCB #9422) that specializes in custom design/build projects that celebrate, elevate, reflect, and respect the Cascadian region.

Upon completion of this OLCB Approved Course you will receive a signed Certificate of Completion that will satisfy 12 CEU Technical Credits with the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s Board.

The cost is $125 for 12 credits.


Excerpts from Course Materials

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