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Perennial Patterns LLC is a second generation landscape design/build company that specializes in creating regionally appropriate Cascadian Style gardens and landscapes. As a landscape contractor I blur the lines between the design, construction, and maintenance of a project to create places that celebrate and elevate the natural and cultural characteristics of the PNW. 

Raingardens, green-walls, food forests, custom water features, laser-cut steel screens, and fine masonry are a few of my favorite things.

Perennial Patterns was founded by my mom Linda Guadagni in 1989. Her original advertisement was "Perennial Patterns: Planning, Planting, Pruning, Propagating." and she ran from job to job in a little Toyota truck. I would usually ride in the backseat surrounded by tools and often with a plant in my lap. In 2015, I finished my master's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon and took over as owner of the business.

Perennial Patterns specializes in landscapes that are:

  • Low-maintenance (because we are often the ones doing the maintenance)

  • Drought- tolerant (because we like to save water)

  • Cascadian Style (because gardens are most authentic when they reflect the larger region)


I was born in a little house on Cedar st. in the heart of the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene, OR.  I grew up in gardens, holding the hose and pulling weeds, and have always been fascinated by the possibilities of designing with nature and creating beautiful, functional, and meaningful landscapes for people. I have a strong affinity for the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, the PNW region is my home and the place that I want to represent using landscape and garden design.

Noah Guadagni:  Designer and Licensed Landscape Construction Professional (#15722).  Owner of Perennial Patterns LLC, a fully Licensed and Bonded Landscape Contracting Business (LCB #9422)  My  Curriculum Vitae

Noah Guadagni: Designer and Licensed Landscape Construction Professional (#15722).

Owner of Perennial Patterns LLC, a fully Licensed and Bonded Landscape Contracting Business (LCB #9422)

My Curriculum Vitae


My master's project was my way to analyze and understand the essence of the Pacific Northwest, in order to express its character through the medium of landscape design. I want to be a designer that creates Appropriate, Authentic, and Meaningful landscapes that combine the aesthetics, values, materials, and symbols of the PNW into designs that both reflect and embody the ‘spirit of the place.’

This research establishes a list of 10 PNW Design Principles and 36 Strategies that derive from emblematic and iconic Pacific Northwest landscapes, and which can be applied at a variety of scales in landscape design.

This project can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format for free.

Pacific Northwest Design Strategies is available online

It can also be printed on-demand in a beautiful hardcopy format for $35.00

112 pg. Bound hard copies are available at


I often teach as an adjunct instructor through Lane Community College and the University of Oregon.

Digital Media for Landscape Architecture

  • Course Description: "Learn visual communication and spatial graphics using digital technologies. Study examples of landscape representation, and practice specific techniques to produce digital images for presentation and critique. Taught as a series of skill building workshop sections using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and 3D model building in Sketchup. Other advanced software techniques such as digital rendering will be introduced as time allows. These programs are used to compellingly document existing conditions, illuminate invisible conditions, and represent desired future conditions.”

  • University of Oregon (LA 352)

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Pacific Northwest Landscape Design

  • Course Description: "Learn the 10 Principles of PNW landscape design from local master of landscape architecture and professional landscape contractor. We cover plants, materials, spatial arrangements, history, and symbols of this region and how these combine to form authentic and meaningful places. Create your own custom PNW design palette to use on your own landscape projects."

  • More information about this course HERE

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Photographing Eugene's Iconic Landscapes

  • Course Description: "Capture and interpret the spirit of Eugene's emblematic landscapes at a new location each week. Covers technical and aesthetic components, with opportunities to receive and give constructive feedback. Create a photographic series that interprets your experience of Eugene's landscapes through photography. Led by an award-winning local photographer and landscape designer."

  • More information about this course HERE